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Creazioni by Silik

Rodolfo, the brand-new sofa from the 2011 collection, has a lighthearted-yet-elegant spirit. Its covering uniquely plays around with white and blue, creating a fun visual game involving the long pillow running along the backrest. The white-lacquered wooden feet feature refined carvings that match perfectly with the more modern cushion.


MDF Italia

Lightness is the key to interpreting the new family of Bend seats. They feature simple and essential lines for a visual effect of great levity. Designers Jehs+Laub tried to recreate the fold that occurs when you bend a sheet of paper, and, in fact, the name of the product comes from the special bending of the leg.



The modular Magnum sofa was present at the Salone in its new Large version, with a depth of 111 cm. The structure is made of wood with polyurethane padding which is covered with protective fabric. The feet are done in clear polished acrylic.



Created by Fabrizio Batoni Design, New Retrò is a real technological revolution. It is composed of a single-piece of polycarbonate with two colors that are in direct contact, yet completely separate. Domitalia was able to patent this type of construction, obtaining a homogeneous and uniform result that is reminiscent of a wooden chair.


Colico Design

Reeds, the line of tables designed by Naghi Habib, features an irregular formed MDF top that is supported by a number of ski poles. Reeds, with its unique support system, is an unconventional and innovative product which breaks the rules and represents a new way of looking at tables and the areas that contain them.

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