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Space is a free, modular, and comprehensive program. The containers, positioned horizontally or vertically, provide an interesting play on volumes. In addition, the different depths of the completed units create a striking and ever-changing movement of solids, voids, light, and shadow. Singular shelves and compartments enrich the functionality and aesthetics of the composition.



The new Leaf table, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, takes its inspiration from the observations of nature. Its top is similar to a water-smoothed stone and the chairs feature an irregular form that recalls the branches of a tree.
Leaf is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and satisfies the need for clutter-free essential design.



Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, Allen is a sofa characterized by the lightness of its lines and proportions. It sits high off of the ground and has rational measurements, without sacrificing the soft shapes and roundness of its arms. Despite being a design product, Allen is also very comfortable thanks to the high back which provides full support for both the back and head.



Shin evokes feelings and memories of the past. This bed has a thin wooden frame onto which two tubular metal structures have been added, thus creating the headboard and footboard. It has a minimal design which is a throwback to the bed archetype, however it is renewed according to the aesthetic codes of Pier Lissoni and Porro. This bed has accurate finishes such as black ash wood for the structure and large leather pillows.



Characterized by a modular aluminum structure, the Manta table system is designed to provide maximum freedom of space, for domestic and professional use. Its wealth of interpretations is emphasized by the project's variety of aesthetics, with the polished aluminum structure available in a brown or matt finish.

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