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Exercise and sport

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FreeMotion should be looked at in respect to individual kinesiology (the study of motion). Human motion involves pushing, pulling, squatting, rotating, stepping, lunging, bending and balancing in a 3-dimensional world. FreeMotion allows the user to define their own movement patterns based on their own needs and goals. Traditional, fixed-isolated equipment (with single plane movements), is designed to fit the body of the average user, however not all of your members fit that average body-type. FreeMotion equipment can accommodate virtually any movement pattern with a wide range of motion performed by almost every body type. 







 FreeMotion Light Commercial

Fill a corner, fill a wall or fill a room. The FreeMotion Multi-gym offers the most flexibility when it comes to designing your workout space. This modular system allows you to mix and match stations to create the ultimate fitness experience.













The perfect complement to your members' workouts, the FreeMotion i.Tonic is the newest tool in training. While FreeMotion i.Tonic's sleek styling will peak the members' interest, it's the energizing experience that will have them looking forward to the next session. By adding Whole Body Vibration training to your facility's offering, you'll keep members engaged and set your facility apart from the rest.








The FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross enhances strength by allowing users to perform movements that mimic activities in both sports and life. Functionally trains the muscles of the entire body to work together while building stability and coordination.

+ Swivel Pulleys
Pulley design ensures fluid cable travel and provides nearly unlimited range of motion.

+ Independently Rotating Arms
Each arm rotates vertically and horizontally with 12 vertical and 9 horizontal settings to accommodate virtually any movement pattern. Arms are counterbalanced for easy positioning.



Dimensions (LWH)

62" x 123" x 95" (157 cm x 312 cm x 241 cm)

Effective Resistance

per arm - 75 lbs. (34 kg)

Weight Stack Configuration

2.5 - 75 x 2.5 lbs. (1.13 - 34 x 1.13 kg) per weight stack

Machine Weight

1150 lbs. (522 kg)

Cable Diameter

3/16-inch rated to 2,000 lbs.





Eleiko – a Concept for Champions



For more than 50 years Eleiko has taken an active part in international world of physical strength. The trademark stands for quality, competence and success.

Since 1963, when Eleiko for the first time was used in an international championship, more than 900 world records have been set by athletes using Eleiko barbells. That’s problably a record in itself.

One Leading Brand – Four Business Areas

Through many years of close connection to the strength sports, we have acquired extensive and thorough knowledge in the field of training – a competence that permeates our four business areas:

• Weightlifting
• Powerlifting
• Gym & Fitness
• Education